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Artist Profile: Lauren Elyse

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Artist Profile: Lauren Elyse

There is a profound connection between the natural world and the human world; it’s simply waiting to be discovered.

Norfolk artist, Lauren Elyse, uses her art to explore this connection.

“I want to explore more of our emotional connection and how we used to use nature to represent that.”

Growing up, Lauren was always outside. She attributes her love for nature to her childhood pastime of exploring the outside world and her risky excursions in the woods.

“I contracted every known form of poison ivy, sumac, oak –you name it,” she laughs.

 As soon as she was eighteen, she left her East Coast home to follow the waves on the West Coast. Lauren says here her art took on a coastal, ocean-driven feel.

Her current artwork depicts the marriage of architecture and plants. The seriousness of the man-made structures juxtaposed with the wildness of nature presents a fascinating connection.

One of the biggest inspirations of Lauren’s desire to show nature in her artwork was her discovery of her Dutch heritage.

“When I found out my family had a history in the floral industry, I really wanted to explore that.”

She found out from her mother that her great-grandfather was a buyer and seller of bulbs on the Dutch market. This discovery peaked her interest in flowers even further and fueled her desire to honor her family’s history.

Lauren lives by the philosophy of not letting anything hold her back. When she comes up with a concept, she keeps her focus.

“If you have a whim or an interest, roll with it!”

For more of Lauren's artwork check out her website here: