The intersection of people and plants is worth exploring.

PLANTPOP is a horticultural film studio. We tell stories about people and plants. 

We are artists. We pursue beauty and understanding. We believe philosophy was born in the garden. Culture starts with cultivation. And growing is the highest art.


Ways You Can Help

Be a viewer. It’s easy. Watch our films! Share. Pass it on. Tell others about what we’re doing. Comment and tell us what you think. [Thank you!]

Be a contributor. All we can offer is thanks and credit. But we need stories, people to interview and places to visit. Help us craft our message and our vision. Be a go-to source for us to bounce ideas off of and to answer our questions. Invite us to come film you and your story.

Be a partner. Help us make our films. Help us promote them, and expose our work to a larger audience. Help us secure resources.

people and plants connect

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Art Parkerson, Producer

Laura Christian, Producer

Brie Arthur, Contributing Producer

Leon Guanzon, Creative