PlantPop presents:


Cleo Hicks is much like the average farmer, except he has incredibly limited space. On less than a quarter acre of land, he grows everything from tomatoes and squash to persimmon. 

The suburban landscape may be cramped, but Cleo utilizes the space the best he can. Now retired from the military, the garden has grown even grander than before, pushing against the fence border.

All about the production, Cleo admits he prefers his vast garden to an average yard with an above ground pool.

He says, “Grass is good, there’s nothing wrong with beautiful grass, but if I can get some food out of it, I like that too.” 

This unorthodox yard may attract a few criticisms from neighbors telling him to go back to the farm, but he doesn’t mind it. Instead, he focuses on his tending by using a simple approach:

“We call it just common sense…just going at it, you know? Observing and just doing it.”


year of production | 2016
duration | 04:18 min
exhibition format | ProRes 422 (HQ) or 2K DCP
aspect ratio | 16:9


director, camera, & editor | Leon Guanzon
producers | Christina Keeling, Kristin Mehaffey, Laura Christian
executive producer | Art Parkerson
assistant camera | Stephen Farris IV