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Julia Gabrielov: Contemporary Painter

FilmArt Parkerson
Julia Gabrielov: Contemporary Painter

Julia modeled for ten years, which instilled in her a deep appreciation for fashion. Now, she continues working with models as subjects for her paintings. These paintings feature the women in fantasy attire – with a floral twist.  

“I just wanted it to look like the girls were made out of flowers, like the flowers were literally coming off of them, they were made out of them, they were going back to them.”

The models aren't simply wearing nature, it is a part of them. Julia blends the botanical and fantastical. However, she is not only in love with the visual aspect of illustration; she also studies how pictures tell a story.

“I wanted to make sure every piece of art I did told a story or was like a still from a movie.”

When you see her artwork, you feel the characters belong in a storybook. They are otherworldly and intriguing, yet they also remind us of where we come from. 

Julia began her art career illustrating several children’s books. We interviewed the author behind one of these series, the first author Julia worked with.

Danielle Leibovici is a psychotherapist, an advocate and a speaker. She needed a way to convey life themes to her clients in a manner so simple even a child could understand. What better way than through a storybook?

Danielle says, “I was very excited to meet Julia. She was the perfect fit to collaborate on this project.”

Their first book was “Under the Tree,” the endearing tale of a boy who wakes under a tree and believes he is lost in the woods. It is a story of perspective, of how we can feel lost, but it might just be in our head.

As Danielle told us, "No matter who we are, we can all benefit from the benefits that the tree provides for everyone: safety, shade and a breath of fresh air."