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Kelsie McNair

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Kelsie McNair

It began in a thrift store. Kelsie McNair fell in love...with old flowers.

She was in college, browsing through dusty books. She stumbled upon a pressed flower between a book’s pages. And then, by chance, she encountered another book – one about the language of flowers.

Throughout history, Kelsie explains, "different cultures and civilizations have used flowers to communicate." Each flower has its own, specific meaning. A red rose, for instance, has always (and in all cultures) meant "love," but what does an orange rose communicate?

Delphinium (Purple Larkspur) “has been known to symbolize strong bonds of love, purity, and majesty.” Leaves speak as well as flowers. Maple leaves represent wisdom. 

But sometimes the meanings from different times and cultures contradict. Lavendula has meant both "devotion" and "distrust." It can get confusing. Kelsie decided to stick with the Victorian era, when people would send bouquets to each other as different messages.

Today, we send text more often than we do flowers. But why shouldn't our communication devices have some floral elements? Why not wrap your iPhone with flowers?

That's just what Kelsie did. “I couldn’t find any cases I liked, so I made my own.”

This was the start of her brand. Kelsie takes pressed flowers and creates cell phone cases. The look is modern, minimalistic, exquisite and absolutely beautiful.  She sells her work all around the world through her website With Lavender and Lace.

She designs for beauty. But she also wants to create mystery and lore, something extra special for her customers to enjoy. Each case is unique to the buyer, and the meanings of these flowers is deeply personal.

For purchases on her website, use promo code 'plantpop' for 10% off your order. Offer is valid for the entire month of May.

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