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Jennifer Carr: Fine Art Landscape Photographer

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Jennifer Carr: Fine Art Landscape Photographer

A piece of nature has to be in every photo that Jennifer Carr takes, including the portrait sessions. She has to be able to incorporate a sunset, a beach, or a tree-line for it to work for her. 

Jennifer is known for her fine art landscape, nature, travel, and commercial photography. Her portfolio shows her versatility as she does macro, wide angle, portraits, and landscape and nature photos. 

Nature is certainly her biggest influence as she enjoys the wildness and being able to capture things the way they are in the real world.

“I really like things to be natural. [In photography] I like a little bit of the pullback where you can see the entire plant, the entire flower…capturing all those details.”

She also enjoys showing others how to get those pristine photographs of nature. Being able to share her passions with people is a highlight of her work.

The garden in her backyard in Virginia Beach, which draws a significant crowd of bees and butterflies, began because she wanted an outdoor studio for her photography. As she started planting new things, the more she learned.

“It’s an entire new hobby that grew out of photography. Now, in addition to being a photographer, I’m a pretty avid flower gardener.”

While Virginia Beach was her home her whole life, Jennifer and her husband have moved to San Francisco. Now she’s exploring the natural scenes of the West Coast through her camera lens. 

This episode was filmed by Leon Guanzon and was edited by Josh Wingard.

To see more of Jennifer’s photography, visit her website and Instagram.