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Guest List: Episode Two

FilmPlant Pop
Guest List: Episode Two

Guest List is a new 4-part limited series from PlantPop. Join host Brie Arthur and her dinner guests as they share wide-ranging conversations about the world of horticulture.

In this episode, the conversation goes from perspectives on GMO, to the perspective on planting native plants, to the importance of biodiversity in gardening.

Host Brie Arthur comments on Carol Reese’s mention of GMOs by bringing up the the real fear that consumers have with how their food is treated.

“It’s not about the gene manipulation, it’s about the chemicals they use.”

Marty Ross compliments Brie’s motivation to grow her own carbs - wheat, rye, quinoa, and rice - on her 1/4 acre of land in Raleigh. 

“That’s so cool! Can I come visit you?”

The group discusses the food industry and the importance of understanding how it all works. Marty Ross brings home the overall idea.

“It’s so important to know where your food comes from and to respect the people who produce it.”

Marty and Kelly Norris start to talk about the native plants and Kelly brings up the way he sees them in the landscape.

“I call them emblems of the seasons. I mean they really are these sort of pace-setters…they kind of keep the tempo of the landscape.”

The group agrees that when it comes to native plants, it shouldn’t matter where a plant comes from. Brie says she prefers to think about function in the landscape.

“All plants matter!” 

The whole group agrees that it’s important to recognize that some plants, even if they are native, aren’t good because of their invasive tendencies. They conclude that proper biodiversity is what’s important when it comes to the landscape. It’s about thinking about how plants are being used.

Marty Ross is a Freelance Garden Journalist living in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a contributor to Fiskars Garden Experts, Lowe’s Creative Ideas, the Kansas City Star, Universal Press, Country Gardens, and Better Homes and Gardens. She’s been contributing to the garden conversation for over 25 years. Access some of her articles online at

Kelly Norris is an award-winning Author and Plantsman from Iowa. He is also the Director of Horticulture and Education at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Garden Design, Martha Stewart Living, and Better Homes and Gardens. Visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

Carol Reese is a Research Horticulture Specialist at the University of Tennessee’s AgResearch and Education Center. She is a nationally-known speaker. She’s also the gardening and nature columnist for the Jackson Sun and a contributor to Horticulture Magazine. She is also a contributor to Garden Rant. You can find her works on the website

Brie Arthur is a Horticulturist and Author from Raleigh, North Carolina. Her goal is to inspire people to foodscape their yards, planting fruits and vegetables alongside their ornamentals. Visit her website for more information and follow her on Instagram.