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Brent & Becky: Collectors & Completers

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Brent & Becky: Collectors & Completers


An orchestra is made of individual instruments working together as a team. Business, in the same way, requires a constant give and take. 

Brent and Becky Heath have worked diligently beside each other through their whole relationship and it’s because of their connection that Brent & Becky’s Bulbs has become such a huge success.

Becky describes their marriage as a partnership. She says whatever area she is weakest in is Brent’s strength and vice versa. 

“We’re not opposites. We’re each other’s completer.” 

The Heaths are incredibly environmentally conscious. Walking into their home, there is a feeling of warmth and beauty gained from the intricate wood flooring across the house. The entirety of the floor is repurposed wood. Even many of the planters found around the shop are from repurposed materials, including Brent’s old boat which was turned into a planter.

The repurposed nature of these objects most likely comes from Brent’s vast collection of various items which he has accumulated over the years. His collections, much like their bulbs, have purpose. With Becky’s eye for detail, these objects are displayed in their home as creative artwork. 

Becky’s background in music gives her a unique insight into the bulb business.

“When you’re working with an orchestra, or a band, or a choir, you have all of these different voices or different instruments and each one has to be the best they can be.”   

She says running the business is the same. Everyone is their own individual, but together they make something truly special.

As a third generation bulb grower, Brent has such a wealth of knowledge that he has ample opportunity to travel and lecture. He enjoys every minute of it. 

“I have the best life," he smiles.


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