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The Gardener's Workshop

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The Gardener's Workshop

It began with a book and a passion for flowers.

Hard work and persistent optimism are only a few descriptions of Lisa’s character.

Lisa Ziegler’s husband, Steve, had grown up in farming. His family had a small farm in Newport News that was passed on to him when he and Lisa got married. She had no idea about farming at all, but she was willing to learn.

One day, she discovered an advertisement for a book about cut flower farming and ordered it. It was simple enough so she got started. 

She learned as much as she could on her own by following her book to the letter. She would watch the designers in the flower shop at Anderson’s Showplace, trying to figure out her ‘in’. Lisa says the book had advised to her to go give out free samples of her flowers, so with a few buckets of flowers, she walked into Anderson’s and placed them on the counter.

Without getting a word in, the guy in charge turned around and on sight bought all the flowers she had brought with her. She had her first big sale. Soon after, that same guy from the shop helped her get her business off the ground.

In addition to selling the flower seeds she uses, Lisa also began selling garden equipment through the online store she runs with her sister, Suzanne. After discovering so many people wanting to know what tools they use, The Gardener’s Workshop was born. 

“It houses the exact tools we use around here.” 

In addition to farming and running the workshop, Lisa is also a popular garden speaker, blogger, and author. She inspires people to get out and work. 

“Anybody can get a garden going. It’s not that hard. You just have to be willing to get started.”

The farm is all in the family. Lisa not only works with her sister, but also her niece and sister-in-law. The crew were also accompanied by their friendly farm dog, Babs, up until her passing in January 2017. 

Of the sweet brown-eyed golden retriever, Lisa wrote on her blog, “She was as near perfect as any dog could be.” 

Babs would supervise the work from a shady spot and occasionally help by picking some of the flowers and vegetables from the farm, rewarded with the occasional strawberry.  

Babs will be sorely missed. 


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