A Tidewater Gardener

Meet Les Parks, the author of A Tidewater Garderner, a blog about gardening in Hampton Roads, VA. We visit Les at his home in a historic neighborhood in Norfolk, and he explains what attracted him to gardening and blogging.

We first met Les Parks many years ago when he worked for Smithfield Gardens, and we have long admired him for both his horticultural knowledge and his charming sensibilities. He now is an assistant curator at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. We have followed his blog with a mix of wonder and, frankly, jealousy. He has talents we lack.

Les came early to the garden blogger scene, starting his A Tidewater Gardener in the dead of winter 2008. And, unlike most garden bloggers, he hasn't stopped posting. His following is massive, as far as it goes. Though he only writes about local horticulture (mostly his yard), with a few travel posts interspersed, his influence goes far beyond Tidewater Virginia. He is a gardening rockstar.

All of which made him the natural choice to be the subject of our very first PLANTPOP film. Kindly leave a comment if you'd like to see more from Les.