Our latest project is a 30 minute documentary. We will be screening this at Work | Release in Norfolk, VA on March 17th 2016. Future screenings will be announced soon.

BRANCHING: plant inspired stories about craft, connections, and commerce

How do you harness your relationship with plants? We live amongst plants and they can play a significant role in our lives. Some folks are aware of this and some are not. 

Meet twelve people who are aware of this, who can see the forest as well as the trees, and are using plants to create, to connect, and to sustain. Whether used as a subject, a source of inspiration, a source of income, or to better lives, plants play more than just a horticultural or decorative role. Through the prism of plants, join us as we explore art, science, technology, health, companionship, sustenance, business, and other themes. Filmed primarily in Hampton Roads, Virginia, this documentary shows how our relationship with plants can lead to transformation, growth, and vision.