Nadira Grubbs: Dance Studio Owner/Instructor and Urban Homesteader

Nadira Grubbs: Dance Studio Owner/Instructor and Urban Homesteader

Through gardening, Nadira is connected to everything and everyone around her. She is connected to the earth, the seasons, and her family. She remembers her grandmothers, who also lived in the city as she does. Both grandmothers had huge vegetable gardens, which nourished her as she grew up. She continues this tradition with her family.

Nadira now lives with her husband, mother, and son. The son, unfortunately, has horrendous allergies. She heard of a great way to combat it, using honey. The idea is along the same principle as receiving a vaccine. The honey has to be created locally, however, to pinpoint the exact kind of irritants.

When Nadira discovered this, though, beekeeping had just been made legal in her city, so there were no established vendors she could find. She decided then, to keep up beekeeping herself, along with her family.  

From this, her son’s allergies improved, and her garden flourished. Having pollinators living in the backyard, of course, greatly increased its output. It even allowed her to keep a winter garden, and add more plants than ever before. To keep up with the amount, she also delved into composting, to help perpetuate the cycle of life.

Her whole family is involved with the process. With her husband having grown up on the farm, he brings his experience and skills to the fray. The son loves to grow watermelons – even though he does not like them himself. They are for his friends. Nadira and her mother are able to bond over gardening, which is new. Her mother had to work so much growing up, that she did not have the time to do so with Nadira’s grandmother.

“It’s in the heart of the city, but it’s good dirt,” Nadira says.

She adds, “If there’s a beehive in your yard, call the Norfolk Beekeepers. They will remove it for free and give it to someone who is looking to start a hive of their own.”

 Did we mention she’s also an amazing belly dancer? Check out her classes at Seven Cities Dance.