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Ohio Roadtrip: Groovy Plants Ranch

FilmPlant Pop
 Ohio Roadtrip: Groovy Plants Ranch

We asked our young videographer friend, Stephen, to check out some cool plant places while on a trip to Ohio. This is one of three places he was able to check out on his visit.

Unusual and exotic plants await the visitor to Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio.

Owners Jared and Liz Hughes hope their unique selection of greenery will attract a new generation of plant enthusiasts. They’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of young professionals frequenting their shop.

Their business is not your average plant depot. Their selection includes herbs, succulents, annuals, perennials, vegetables, and many rare plant species. 

Jared says they’re thankful to be able to produce such a large amount of plants in so many different varieties.

“In our peak season, we produce well over 200 varieties of succulents alone.”

The family-run business strives to make every visitor feel welcome, whether it’s their first time or they’re veterans to the space.

“It is 30 minutes from the city so we make sure it’s an experience when you come.”

Jared and Liz pride themselves on being a local resource for people looking to grow plants. Unlike that of larger stores, their advice comes from their own personal experience with growing.

“We love the new, we love the unusual, and I think that’s one of the things our customers really love about shopping here.”

For more information about Groovy Plants Ranch, visit their website and be sure to check out their Instagram for up-to-date looks at what they’re producing.