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Ohio Roadtrip: Stump Plants

FilmPlant Pop
Ohio Roadtrip: Stump Plants

We asked our young videographer friend, Stephen, to check out some cool plant places while on a trip to Ohio. This is one of three places he was able to check out on his visit.

Creating a space where both the novice plant owner and total plant nerd can find something new is a challenge. Stump Plants in Columbus, Ohio, hopes to provide that perfect plant space where everyone feels welcome.

Emily and Brian Kellett, who got married since the filming of this episode, founded the original Stump Plants in Columbus. The plant shop came to be after the pair were working on a project for one of their college classes.

“We were trying to envision what the future of garden retail could look like.”

Coming from a design and art background has benefitted both Emily and Brian’s visions for their shop and future shops.

“All our shops are fairly small and intimate and more like a bar almost.” 

The smaller, more close-knit feel of Stump is a defining feature. Emily and Brian wanted to make something that was more inviting than the usual garden centers or big-box stores. 

Bringing together people from all walks of life in a plant space that’s unique is what the shopkeepers at each Stump location strive for. They hope that each person entering their store leaves with a little more plant knowledge, some beautiful plants to fill their space, and some amazing handmade goods.

Stump Plants now has four locations, two in Columbus, one in Philadelphia, and one in Cleveland opening soon. 

For more information, visit the store website and their Instagram.

This episode was filmed by Stephen Farris.