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Esoteric in Virginia Beach

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Esoteric in Virginia Beach

Combining a passion for craft beer and great food made from locally sourced ingredients is what led to a new hotspot in Virginia Beach’s Arts and Culture District.

Kristina Chastain and her husband Tim were drawn to the area of Virginia Beach by a desire to combine art aesthetic with phenomenal cuisine. There were only a few things that the couple were desiring out of their new space.

“The two qualifications were that the building had to be old…and there had to be a sizable green space to do gardens.”

Their new space, Esoteric, is on the Virginia Beach Historical Registry. The area also boasts an extensive garden plot.  

Partnership was always on the minds of Kristina and Tim, so Esoteric is just one of the businesses housed in this building. It’s is also home to burger and sandwich place, Commune, as well as floral studio, Roost Flowers. 

The amazing green space by the parking lot out back not only provides vegetables, herbs, and flowers for each of the businesses, it’s also a perfect place for Kristina to experiment with ornamentals.

Kristina said they had originally thought to hire a designer, but she decided to take on all the decoration herself. Her interest in florals grew from the influence of her Ya Ya and from an indoor flowers and plants class in college. 

At least for Kristina, it’s the decorative plants that bring her joy whenever she comes into work. 

“The garden is more than just the sustenance…the inspiration it can bring to someone, the uplift it can bring to someone. It’s a beautiful and amazing thing. It’s more than just food.”


For more information about Esoteric, visit their website or Facebook page.