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Tracey Hairston: Houseplant Home Décor

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Tracey Hairston: Houseplant Home Décor

A beautiful plant, or a whole house full, can have an impact not only on our own emotional wellbeing, but every aspect of life.

For Tracey Hairston, plants have transformed her vintage home décor business. She’s found that people are drawn to the photos on her site where a plant is present.

“It’s not just because of the item, but it’s also because of how I incorporate my plants into each shot. It brings everything full circle, it brings it all to life.”

Despite growing up around her mother’s knack for keeping plants thriving, Tracey admits that for awhile she couldn’t keep anything alive.

“I could never have them as beautiful as she had them.”

Through the knowledge of a friend who studied horticulture and through the encouragement of fellow plant enthusiasts on social media, she now boasts close to 70 plants of her own and they’re all doing well.

Tracey says she believes her role is to show people who think they have a “black thumb” that they are capable of keeping plants alive, they just have to find the right plant for them.

“I get more and more people every day saying, ‘Wow, I never thought that I could have a plant, maybe I need to try again.’ Yes! You need to try again because I did.”

Visit Tracey’s shop, MochaGirl Marketplace, online and follow Tracey on Instagram.

This episode was filmed by Laura Christian.