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Genevieve Jones: Local Prairie Horticulture & Design

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Genevieve Jones: Local Prairie Horticulture & Design

Being able to be outside in nature is hugely beneficial for our physical health as well as our emotional health. There’s a connection that forms when outside working the land.

Becoming a landscape designer helped Genevieve Jones experience the daily interaction with nature through the business she co-owns, Local Prairie Horticulture & Design in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Despite only being in the landscape industry for a few years, Genevieve’s interest in plants began at a very early age.

“My mom always grew a huge garden and once I learned more about urban horticulture, there was also the urban agriculture piece tied into that.”

The design work she does alongside partner Cass Hazel, ranges from ornamental garden design, composting, landscape management, and edible gardens. It all comes down to how their clients view their space and what fits with their lifestyle.

Native plants play a huge role in her life and her business. She has an affinity for the wildness of these native species and is inspired by the uses and medicinal properties that some of them have.

“My gardens are definitely more wild and unkept looking, but they attract more bees and birds and people to them as well.”

Genevieve hopes that her use of native plants would inspire others to do the same. The idea is to preserve what’s already in place and to appreciate the work that these plants do.

For more information, visit the Local Prairie website. You can also follow the business on Instagram.

This episode was filmed by Nick Gandolfo-Lucia.