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Volvo Virginiana: Peggy Krapf's 240 Wagon

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Volvo Virginiana: Peggy Krapf's 240 Wagon

A 1992 light blue Volvo pulls around the corner and parks along the street in a Williamsburg neighborhood. Her clipboard in hand, a blueprint fluttering dangerously in the wind, a woman steps out of the vehicle and walks up to the job site.

It’s a typical summer day for Peggy Krapf, a landscape designer from Toano. She’s meeting with clients to discuss some potential issues with removing trees behind their new house due to the area being a protected wildlife space.

After she meets with the clients, she walks around the property making notes on her blueprint and taking pictures. All the while, her blue Volvo waits patiently to take her to her next appointment.

Peggy has only ever driven this type of Volvo. It’s been twenty-three years of driving and only three different cars. Most of the time her trunk is filled with plants, books and equipment.

“My husband’s car is new and super pristine, so mine naturally became the work vehicle,” she laughs.

Her current blue Volvo is an identifier for Peggy. She says there are only two other people in the area with similar cars and hers is in the best shape.

Peggy is almost defiant about staying old school. Not only is she attached to her ’92 Volvo, she uses an original blueprint machine with ammonia, she uses a non-smart phone, still has cassette tapes around her office, and even has slides and a slide machine.

“I guess I’m old fashioned,” she shrugs.

Her job is really challenging, but she loves every aspect of it. She enjoys working with clients and getting the opportunity to create a beautiful outdoor space for them.

“I have friends who say that what I do is like being an interior designer and I always tell them, ‘well in many ways it is, but [interior designers] don’t have to worry about their sofas dying or their chairs getting sick or somebody eating their coffee table!’"

Heart's Ease Landscaping is Peggy's design business. For more information about Peggy and about Heart's Ease, visit her website:

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