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Tony Avent: Plant Hunter

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Tony Avent: Plant Hunter

Through the deep woods of a distant country, another specimen is spotted by the plant hunter. Another obscure plant is added to Tony Avent's assorted collection. 

Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh, North Carolina, is where the plantsman and proprietor shares his knowledge of unknown and little known plants.

Unlike some other plant nurseries, Tony and the people he works with focus on the gardens themselves.

“It’s really about the gardens, it’s about our research and then sharing things that we become excited about.”

His vast collection of over 20 thousand plants currently residing at the nursery is only the beginning of what Tony aims to do. He desires to continue researching and collecting, but also to share what he learns with the public.

“We want to show people how they can use those plants aesthetically.”

Tony hopes to instill a new appreciation for nature in the public eye by encouraging people to explore.

“There are so many amazing things to nature.”

The more that is understood about the way the soil works and how to properly care for it, the greater and easier working in the garden can be.

“Let gardening help you. Gardening then becomes fun,”

Tony has become a voice for these obscure plants and hopes that as research continues, the public will become more open to trying new things in the garden.

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