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Nupur Das Gupta: Fairytale Gardens

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Nupur Das Gupta: Fairytale Gardens

Nature, with a little touch of wonder, can make a big difference in a small space.

Nupur Das Gupta uses her artistic talent and love for the natural to create unique pieces to brighten up people’s homes and office spaces.

“I first thought that why don’t I create something which involves a lot of green? So…I created a tiny little moss wall just only for me.”

The tagline of her Etsy shop is “bringing the outdoors inside”, which is exactly what Nupur hopes to accomplish. 

“I always try to make things simple, yet a little bit unique.”

Growing up inspired by fairytales influenced her sense of wonder when she creates. With every terrarium, lamp, and wall art, Nupur is able to channel her inner child. 

“I just basically join nature and fairytale together.”

Her hope is to share her love of nature with everyone who interacts with her shop and to show that nature doesn’t have to stay outside. 

“I live in an apartment, there is no space for a garden…I try to bring outdoors inside of my home.”

Visit RishStudio on Etsy here.

This episode of PlantPop was filmed and edited by Isabelle Germino. She is one of PlantPop’s newly hired freelance videographers.