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Monique Capanelli: Art + Horticulture

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Monique Capanelli: Art + Horticulture

There are moments in our lives that influence the way we see the world around us. Sometimes it’s several moments or experiences that shape who we really are.

Articulture Designs in Austin, Texas, is where art meets horticulture and vice versa. Founder and “Artrepreneur” Monique Capanelli enjoys bringing together her passions for plants, the environment, art, and design in this space.

Growing up with entrepreneur parents and surrounded by family and neighbors who were artists had a profound influence on Monique’s interests. These influences come out in all of her artworks.

“I was always very artistic…I’ve always been a plant person, my parents are also avid gardeners. Those two worlds eventually collided.” 

What drives her to create using plants is this desire for people to experience the joy of nature. She finds that there’s a powerful draw from being surrounded by living things.

“I think working with dirt and this earthy kind of element brings something basic back to us.”

Helping people see the beauty and power of the natural world is what each of Monique’s art pieces represents. 

“I want my work to be inspiring to people; I hope that it is.”

For more information about Articulture and about Monique, visit the website and Facebook page.

This episode was filmed by Nick Castronuova.