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PlantPop NYC: Summer Rayne Oakes

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PlantPop NYC: Summer Rayne Oakes

PlantPop NYC is a new segment of PlantPop. We hired a young filmmaker from New York, Stephen Farris, to go find cool plant stories in his neighborhood. 

Who could look at a 1200 square foot apartment and imagine a oasis of green goodness? 

For Summer Rayne Oakes, her Brooklyn apartment wouldn’t be home without the few hundred plants thriving within.

During her early modeling days, Summer was quickly labeled the “Eco-model”, a title she earned by advocating for sustainable clothing and food. She’s turned her passions into a highly eventful career that includes a few published books and a photoshoot with her being covered with live bees.

Summer’s outgoing personality and ever growing list of experiences is bolstered by her warm and happy home life. Over 500 plants cover just about every inch of space in her loft. 

In addition to modeling and writing, Summer is a trained ecologist, receiving degrees in Environmental Science and Entomology from Cornell. 

She uses her influence and expertise to help people, especially those living in the city, grow their own connections to nature via the website Here she shares her experiences in the city, interviews people doing cool things with plants, as well as gives advice for things like container gardening and making your own compost.

Truly a pioneer when it comes to greening our world, Summer’s influence will only grow further as more people take notice of the issues for which she advocates. 

For more information about Summer Rayne Oakes, visit her website:

To see more of what she’s advocating for in Brooklyn, visit: