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Antonio Bond: Floral Artist

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Antonio Bond: Floral Artist

Finding the ideal shape and style is a challenge in floral design and arranging. Every artist has their own voice and desire to stand out from the rest.

Austin-based floral artist Antonio Bond finds the most interesting pieces to incorporate in his floral designs. Sometimes it’s a piece of driftwood or a conch shell and sometimes it’s a cow skull. Whatever the piece is, it’s something that he has a deep connection to. 

“I like the juxtaposition between the living and the dead.”

Antonio finds joy in the mystery of his table arrangements and no two are exactly the same.

“Even at my weddings, my arrangements are always eclectic and always different.”

It’s the natural world that really brings him the most inspiration. On road trips around the country, he might find something that speaks to him. The flowers themselves often give him new ideas.

“I find a lot of beauty in nature and a lot of inspiration in the way things grow…”

Although he could make gorgeous floral pieces in more ordinary ways, Antonio finds that he wants to give voice to the weirdness.

“I like the odd and weird objects because I feel like they need to be represented in a sense, in art and floral art.”

The book Transplants: Eclectic Floral Design features Antonio’s unique design work and is on sale now on Amazon.

To learn more about Antonio, visit the Facebook page for his floral boutique, Transplants Floral and follow him on Instagram.

This episode was filmed by Nick Castronuova.